Villa Madama

Puglia, with its inner beauty, made of landscapes and traditions, is one of the most exclusive destinations in Italy, even for weddings. It is in this Region that there is Villa Madama, one of the most known villas for events and wedding in Salento.

Who is looking for a magic location for his wedding, will be enchanted by our Villa, close to the historical center of Lecce.

Its wide outdoor and indoor spaces, suitable to celebrate special moments with style and elegance, are set with a great attention, by giving life to such beautiful sceneries that reflect the emotions lived by the bride and the groom and their Guests.

In Villa Madama one can feel like in another era, made of happiness and unforgettable moments.


Villa Madama, among the most beautiful wedding locations in Puglia, is an exclusive venue and has exclusive decorations and details...

It has a style that enhances charms and elegance but, at the same time, makes unique and customized every ceremony with a touch of creativity.

The settings of our rooms give life to a pure ambiance, that make the couple and the Guests feel like they are plunged into an enchanted fairy dimension.

The quality of the materials used to decorate tables and the stylish furniture merge together with the outdoor gardens, to give life to a prestigious, charming location, that is able to surprise at first glance.

The design of Villa Madama is completed by the cooking, that is managed by the Executive Chef Andrea.


The wedding day is made of so many thrilling moments and with it starts a new path that leads the couple to the happiness. In the last years, traditions and habits have changed and always more often it is choosen the civil marriage to give life to a new family.

This is why our location can host this kind of events in such a striking venue.

Into the rooms or in the blooming gardens, according to the season, we prepare a symbolic altar, that can be the right scenery for an unforgettable wedding.

Wedding Cake

One of the most important moments in a wedding day is the cutting of the wedding cake, that involves all our Guests.

In Villa Madama, one of the most elegant restaurants in Lecce, the bride and the groom can choose the wedding cake they prefer, by following the main theme of their wedding and helped by our staff, always updated about the last news about wedding.

That of the wedding cake will be one of the unforgettable memories of your ceremony and we are sure that it will recall indescribable emotions not only to the couple but even to all the relatives and friends.