Feelings to tell
Exclusive Services

Villa Madama is one of the most elegant locations in the Province of Lecce and offers only the best to organize exclusive events, unique and original in all the details.

Our prestigious Villa, in a Liberty style, is a perfect mix of well-finished outdoor spaces and clean and modern indoor spaces.

Entering into Villa Madama is like to come to a dream dimension where time and space are suspended, giving life to unique moments. This is possible thanks to a professional and expert staff and to the exclusiveness of the services we offer, that allow to make perfect every event, both personal or business.

If necessary, to reach the best of results, we also collaborate with other experts, such as wedding planners, photographers, videomakers, florists, in the surroundings of Lecce.

The Park

Villa Madama is among the most unusual restaurants in Puglia: it is in the center of a botanical park where nature helps to exalt a really striking scenario.

Unique in its genre, the park with its 60.000 sm collects different kind of palms, cactus and gazebos, and it is surrounded by the majestic variety of shapes and colors of the rarest and most typical flowers.

The Gazebo

By walking into the park, one will also meet some gazebos, decorated in a glamorous way, where are set buffets and our Guests can relax.

Here it is possible to enjoy the sun light or the evening breeze, while drinking a cocktail.

Gazebos offer a special space where to have a break, enjoy the quietness of our gardens, smell the taste of our flowers and trees.

The Lake

Villa Madama has also a small lake, right close to the gazebos.

With its light games and the little bridge, the lake offers a romantic and striking space where the emotions of such an important day are higly amplified and are filled with new emotions that are impressed into one's hearth and memory.

It is also the right set for your wedding photo album.